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We can't wait to meet you!

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Heather Clayton

(She/Her) Having specialized in business and organization promotion and online marketing for almost 20 years, Heather has a passion for connecting businesses with the people who need them most. She holds a Master's Degree in Information Resources & Library Science, and has worked as a Communications Direction and Assistant Executive Director for a non-profit that focused on women's leadership and wellness-focused communities.

Heather founded Views Advantage LLC because she saw a need for digital marketing services focused on efficiency and excellence specifically for entrepreneurs in wellness, from marketers familiar with the voice, concepts, and content within the industry.


Helping women especially find freedom through financial independence through their own entrepreneurial efforts is the driving passion behind Views Advantage LLC and everything Heather does. When not at her computer, you'll find Heather in search of views via backpacking and hiking in the Colorado Rockies or at home enjoying the view from being a mom to two delightful, mischievous children.


Irene Hart


(She/Her) Proficient in all things social media management and online graphics, Irene holds the title of team Social Media Expert! She loves to help entrepreneurs grow their lists and followings through strategic creation of content that drives engagement. 


You'll find Irene at home in Southern California, or wandering the coast with her laptop--always ready to take on your next project!


Wylie Bird


(She/Her) As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Wylie focuses on creating thoughtful, mission-driven, and strategic content. She has more than five years of experience building industry-recognized campaigns from the ground up and specializes in insightful, emotion-driven marketing for authentic, memorable content.

As a person, she lives life in full color. Wylie is a digital nomad, plant-lover, and murder mystery reading ball of energy that puts all that ️into her work. She loves collaborating with people of all stripes to create a finished product that makes the world feel a little brighter!


Cy Ozgood


(They/Them) Cy is a writer, magic-maker and copy wizard living in San Francisco, CA. After studying creative writing in college, they got their start writing websites, ad copy, and blog posts for arts festivals, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs.


They are passionate about helping wellness-focused businesses tell their stories and bring more healing into the lives of their clients and communities.


Nicole Rose


(She/Her) Nicole is a web and graphic designer who is passionate about supporting empowered female entrepreneurs through thoughtful, well-crafted design. She leverages her background in corporate marketing, her technical design skills, and her creative problem solving abilities to create unique design solutions that not only look good but also make an impact.


When she’s not deep in the Adobe suite, you can find Nicole enjoying all that sunny San Diego has to offer or studying natal chart astrology as a tool for self-awareness and expansion.

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